At Radience Market, we pride ourselves on appreciating the beauty and cultural significance of African aesthetics.

Patience Ighalo FOUNDER

Our Story

Radience Market (a blend of our founders names Randy & Patience) is an Afrocentric marketplace that showcases handmade and locally sourced items by African artisans and businesses. We are on a mission to support African communities where living wages are not like what we are used to. We are creating opportunities for commerce, relationship building and financial security. By using a grassroots approach, we are able to tap into unique talents that symbolize the radiance of African culture.

Founders Randy & Patience started Radience in March 2019 after receiving their custom made African fashion pieces from Nigeria. They soon realized that finding affordable, great quality Afrocentric items in America was a problem that many faced. They then decided to become the premier online destination for authentic African inspired items.